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There are many questions that people ask us here at Pariya Photography. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you out along the path towards receiving photos that reflect your beauty.

Question: What should I wear when I or my family are having our photos taken?

We recommend wearing simple clothes in plain colours. This combination always results in successful shots as bold colours and patterns distract and trends tend to date. Of course, the odd bit of dress up plus a few different hats/beanies can make great pics too! 

Question: Is it better to take our photos outdoor or indoor?

This completely depends on you. Our suggestion though is that outdoor pictures have more life to them. The beautiful parks and beaches of Sydney provide the perfect setting for your pictures. 


Question: What is the best time for outdoor photography?

The best time to take outdoor photos is in the afternoon 2-3 hours before sunset when the sun is at the perfect position to produce the perfect shot. 

Question: Will you come to my house to take pictures? 

Yes, of course. For your comfort, it would be our pleasure to come to your house and take pictures of your beautiful family. 

Question: Should I do anything to prepare my young children before a photo session?

It is best for your children to be happy campers, so it is a good idea to feed them and give them a nap beforehand. Of course we will do everything to make sure that they have a great time while their pictures are being taken.  

Question: What should I bring with me to my child's photo shoot?

Feel free to bring your child's favourite teddy/doll etc if you'd like it to feature. Also it is a good idea to bring one of their rattling toys to grab their attention during the photo session. 

Question: Can your photo session be extended beyond one hour?

Yes, of course. Extra fees will apply. 

Question: What is the procedure of cancelling a photo session?

We understand that unexpected events may happen in life, but please inform us 48 hours before cancellation.

Question: How should I pay for the photography session?

Payment is graciously accepted in the form of a cash payment at the photo session.

Question: I want you to print out my photos. Can this be done?

Yes, of course. There are many amazing printing options to choose from. The complete list of options will be emailed to you. Payment is taken before printing commences.